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Las Vegas’ first true school of the sword
To continue the study of the historical ways of the sword through classes, hands on exp. and research.
The time of the sword has long since passed into history until now. Las Vegas’ first true school of the sword, we teach the way of the sword from a historical and traditional perspective the way it was meant to be taught. From Medieval times to Feudal Japan then to ancient African hunting weapons and onward across the globe.
Our instructors have traveled and studied all over the world and bring a wealth of information and expertise to their classes.
Classes in
Rapier/dagger, cloak, small shield, double rapier, Saber, Broadsword, Sword and Shield, Spear, Scimitar, Weapons of the Roman Coliseum, Katana/wakizashi, double katana, Bo Staff, Hook Swords, Butterfly Sword, Sun and Moon Wheels, Fire weapons and many more..
Class Schedule Coming Soon