Jp Dostal
Owner/Fight Director/Performer
Leader of the DADP Fire combat team
Founding member of Duel at Dusk Productions he splits his time between the stage and business aspects of the company. A graduate from MSU with a Masters in International Business and a BA in Ancient History. That compiled with his background in theater and stage combat allows him to develop new and interesting approaches to theater. From an early age he was exposed to theater his interest began when he visited his cousins who were starring in CATS on Broadway in 1987. From then on he was hooked working on numerous productions across the us and abroad. In 1999 he formed Duel at Duel at Dusk Productions to take over the production of the Michigan Renaissance Fair, producing new and original programming across the 15 stages and seen by over 250,000 people. Since that time DADP has been hired to produce original shows from Austria to Spain and Italy.
Jp has also been training in weapons/Martial arts for over 26 years. His instruction began with Rapier in 1986 at age 6 in Toledo Spain from Maestro Valendo. Since that time Jp has branched out into many weapons and martial art styles from all over the world, Rapier, Katana, Broadsword, hook swords, sun & moon wheels, monks spade just to name a few. He also spent 3 years training with the legendary fight coordinator Bob Anderson. From the US to Europe, Japan to Australia he has coordinated fight scenes all over from Knights to Gladiators, Shakespeare to Samurais.
 DJ Cardenas
Director of Technology
Ensures that our computers are in good shape to help us edit pictures, videos and write our scripts. Takes good care of our network and this website to ensure optimal performance. DJ has an invaluable talent to learn a completely new system, rework and fix it and teach others just what he learned himself. A talent he has applied beyond computer and stage equipment.