Holly, Michigan


Attendance: 250,000 per year

Created original productions for 15 stages across 312 acres

Wasteland Weekend

California City, California

September 27th-30th 2012

Attendance: 1,200

A four day post-apocalyptic event in the desert in California. Produced and performed shows every night along with roving characters.


Fox Theatre

Detroit, Michigan


Attendance: 5,000

Produced Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet. Pirates of Penzance and original works.

Labyrinth of Jareth

Detroit, Michigan

June 2012

Attendance: 5,000

Created 3 roving characters for the event including a 9ft tall quad stilt costume

Gladiator Shows

Rome, Italy

2004 - 2011

Attendance: 200,000

Produced Gladiator shows for the Castel Madama festival


Pawtry for Paws

Las Vegas, NV

September 2012

Attendance: 600

Produced and performed fire combat and sword staircase, rasied over $12,000.00




Valencia, Sevilla, Toledo


Attendance: 100,000

Created shows for the Cristianos y Moros, Las Fallas Festival, and  Ferria de Sevilla


Attendace: 200,000

DADP created shows for the Glatt & Verkehrt Festival as well as the Salzburg Festival




2007 -20012

Various guest apperances around Las Vegas



Various Other Projects