Duel at Dusk Productions
The Fabulous Lost Vegas Tribe
Let’s face it, folks in Vegas are just not quite right in the head. We’ve got our own style of glitz and sequins painted on a canvas of broken dreams and desperation. If you’ve got a vice, Fabulous Lost Vegas will give it to you and suck you dry in the process. Even before The Big Bang, we were where entertainers came to die.
Now. . .well, its been a long, hard climb back from the brink. Two generations fought and died to bring something like order back to The Strip. Civilization, such as it is, is still block by block and tourists are still a delicacy. But we’re civilized, see. We got suits and showgirls and whole mega-hotels full of gardens. We got lions and tigers, mermaids and sharks. We got blackjack, poker and roulette wheels, a fortune won and lost on every deal. All you need is barter and nerves of steel. Oh, and a gun.
Security doesn’t walk you to your car anymore and the desert tribes can be a bit aggressive.
The Kid 
 Its been twenty years since there was a
serious challenger to be the King of Lost Vegas,
the King of rock and roll. The throne has sat
empty with only the words “The King will return
in our hour of greatest need” for comfort. The
world has been waiting for a hero with a katana
and a guitar. Could it be the mysterious Kid?
While not part of the Travelling Show,The Kid
often shows up where they do.
Where he goes, Death follows.
Mr. Cross

  It's tough to be a good, wholesome, American
homeowner andupright, productive citizen after
the End, but our Mr. Cross soldiers on, the way
the Founding Fathers would have wanted - right
over those Godless heathens who want to drag us
down into a pit of moral turpitude. But not our
Mr. Cross. No sir. He's as hardworking as the nights
are long and cold, and lonely, and frightening, and
full of unpleasantly suggestive sounds...and the
screaming... Unlike the rest of the Fabulous Lost
Vegas Travelling Show, Mr. Cross was not hired.
He just showed up one day with a contract from before
the Big Bang, insisting that he had two years left.
No one felt like arguing, not even the
mysterious Mr. Big.
  Max Gardner
I've been "employed" by the Cross family for sometime
now. Such lovely times, famines, violence, ahhhh memories. I learned quickly, under threat of torture how to be a grounds keeper
(not much to keep since it's mainly cacti and dirt)
and caddy. Don't feel ,too bad though Mr. Cross is great, he smiles
when he beats me.Tell you the truth, sometimes I sneak out and play a little golf with Mr. Crosses equipment, not that he would mind... least I don't think he would mind,
not that I can remember with all the blunt force trauma
Crow Shadowfire

Was raised as an orphan, adopted into a gang of street kids in Baltimore that taught him how to survive and contribute to the group’s welfare. As he grew older, he joined a group of military survivors that passed through, working as mercenaries. He learned quickly and eventually took on the role of combat medic. Eventually, Crow felt it was necessary to move on and settled in “Lost Vegas”, where he continues his work as a medic, fighting when necessary. Even through all the pain and loss, Crow has maintained discipline and a cheerful, harsh sense of humor that may be slightly abrasive to others but none-the-less lends itself well to his positive outlook on the world, despite its current state. He brings pain to those who would try to bring destruction upon the heads of those he loves. Small but hardy, he still takes occasional jobs as a sell sword, but mostly runs a small aid station from a hole in the wall that he maintains as a home and base of operations.

The Wasteland Samurai's
2 of the deadlist warriors in the great wasteland.Whispered
        about in legend, rumored to have instructed the four eyes
      in the way of the sword. They have battled before each time
         to a stalemate, the years have passed and the wind has
           changed direction guiding each of them to Lost Vegas
                                   and thier final showdown.
Chef Meatball
The last chef left in Lost Vegas, before the bomb Meatball was the executive chef for restaurants up and down the strip, trained by the biggest names in the culinary industry. Now they are all gone and
only Chef Meatball remains and what is a chef to do in times like these but adapt and invent. From his R&D kitchen at in the bowels of Circus Circus he turns out the most amazing dishes for the     People tend to think the fresh food supply is running short but mention that to Chef and he will give you a strange look and offer you some more long pork.....                                                                                                

 General Scraps







Catherine Pratt
Lost Vegas very own Martha Stewart
      Katerina Fetching      
   Kicked out of Hell for tempting the devil
     himself. Mistress of night, the beautiful,
    majestic, femme fatale sure to blow your
     mind away, miss Katerina Fetching.
     She's got class with a cannibalistic edge.
     Your last one night stand. Are you tired of
     sad and lonely nights in the Lost Vegas desert?
     Just scream her name. She'll find you, and
   she'll see to it that you never have to face
      another lonely night ever again.Her running
      rate is your heart, body and soul.
BB (Barbara Britchard)


An orphan born to psychotic parents in Lost Vegas, she ran away in her mid-teens. She survived by scrapping for whatever she could in the tough streets. Eventually, she settled for plain thievery. At one point, she happened upon the small hospital run by Crow Shadowfire and attempted to steal some of the supplies that he kept there. She made a large mess and disturbed many of the patients interned there. Eventually when he trusted her enough, she became a nurse for him whenever he was working. He taught her a meager sampling of a mercenary’s skills, taught her the basics of battlefield medicine, and generally looked after her. Eventually, Crow released B.B. from her punishment, satisfied that he’d taught her enough to survive honestly on her own. Much to his ire, she chose to stay, having grown attached to him. He bears her presence in good temper and she follows him about, wherever he travels, learning and enjoying his company.
The Doctor
After the End and out of the Wasteland walked man who they say has healing hands. Covered head to toe in a protective suit they say his gloves (festooned with surgical tools) only come off for the worst of cases. No one has seen his face or heard his voice. No one's sure he has either of his own anymore, after the End. The only sounds he makes come from an electronic box they say is hooked up to his throat. No words, no expression, but everyone understands him well enough.They say his elixirs can heal most any illness. They say he can cut out the cancers corrupting your soul. They say that when he
turns his eyes on your case, your problems in this life will be over - one way or another.
Nikolai Petrovski